College Prep Golf Tour


Junior Golfer Fore Your Resume'!


The College Prep Golf Tour is about preparing High School Golfers for College Golf, preparing Middle School and younger Golfers for High School Golf and now College age golfers for college.  Please keep this in mind and know that our tournaments are about stretching your Junior Golfers abilities by getting them used to tournament conditions for their future success.  The more difficult conditions are there to motivate them to practice and play with top level Junior Golfers.

Entry Deadline:

  • See tournament information

Cancellation Policy: 

Important Dates Credits Refunds
Pull out before the dealine or more in advance 100% Credit *50% Refund
Pull out after the deadline *50% Credit No Refund
  * No credit allowed if the course charges us  

 *If you use a multi-tournament discount there are no refunds only credits.

Conditions for Credits and Refunds:

  • If you use a multi-tournament discount there are no refunds only credits.
  • Memberships fees are not refundable 
  • Tournaments that are cancelled entirely due to weather, participants can either play in the tournament when it is rescheduled or receive a credit for the cost of the tournament.  
  • Withdrawals  due to injury, sickness or death will not get a credit unless you have a note from a doctor or clergyman that the player was physically unable to play or a close friend or relative passed away (no relatives allowed as the doctor or clergyman).  The amount of the credit will be determined by if the course(s) charged us for the player.

Tee Times:

  • Tee times will be posted on the site 4 days prior to the Tournament
  • Tee boxes may be adjusted due to the weather

Dress Code:

  • Spectators and Juniors must abide by each club’s dress code. Several clubs do not allow denim. Please check with each club for their dress code to avoid any problems.

Golf Carts:

  • Some courses will allow spectator carts to be rented. Carts must remain on cart paths at all times


  • Can encourgage golfers, but are to never discourage or give advice during a tournament.



  • CADDIES– Caddies are prohibited at all CPGT events.

  • RANGE FINDERS - Devices that measure or gauge distance only are allowed

  • IF IN DOUBT ON A RULE, PLAY TWO BALLS – USGA RULE 3-3 – Rule questions that can’t be resolved on the course by a CPGT official will be resolved at the scorer’s table.  Don’t guess at a rule. Turning in an incorrect score card can result in a DQ

  • LOST BALL – USGA RULE 27-1 – A player has 5 minutes to find and identify their ball. After 5 minutes, if the ball is not found, the player should proceed immediately to their provisional ball and continue play.  The other players in the group will play their shots while the search is conducted and will not help search. CPGT staff members, host course marshals, and spectators may help search for a lost ball.
  • PROVISIONAL BALL – USGA RULE 27-2 - Anytime your ball may be lost or out of bounds, always play a provisional ball BEFORE you go forward to search for it.
  • EMBEDDED BALL THROUGH THE GREEN - “Through the green,” a ball that is embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground, except sand, may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole.

  • PAR 3 PROCEDURE - If there is a back up on a par 3, both groups should hit their tee shots. At the green, the 1st group will putt out and proceed to the next tee.

  • SPECTATORS - Spectators must stay on the cart path and are not allowed on the course at any time during a round except for the following:
    • At the greens - Spectators may approach the green to see the players putt.
    • Lost ball - Spectators may leave the cart path to help search for a lost ball. They must return to the cart path immediately once the ball is found or once the 5 minute allowable search time runs out, whichever comes first. Spectators are not allowed to cross the boundary of, or enter, a hazard to search for a player’s ball.    

      Spectators are encouraged to stay one shot ahead of a group and act as forecaddies.

      Players are responsible for the actions of their family members/spectators and are subject to following penalties for any rules violation they commit:

        •  1st violation – Warning
        • Additional violations – 1 stroke penalty per violation



The CPGT staff believes the following are the two best practices for maintaining a proper pace of play. Players and parents at all CPGT events are expected to utilize and support these practices. 

  1. ALWAYS PLAY READY GOLF – The CPGT expects each player to be ready to play when it is your turn. Get your yardage and select your club while your partners are playing. If a playing partner is slow to play a shot, play ready golf and hit your shot. Don’t wait to play just because you are not away.
  2. ALWAYS MAINTAIN VISUAL CONTACT WITH THE GROUP IN FRONT OF YOU.  If you lose contact with the group in front of you, you are now out of position.  If this happens, your group is required to take the following actions without prompting from a CPGT official: 
  • If your group is a threesome, the first player to putt out will immediately proceed to the next tee box and hit their drive.
  • If your group is a foursome, the first two players to putt out will immediately proceed to the next tee box and hit their drives.
  • Once your group is back in position, by regaining visual contact with the group in front of you, you can resume normal play.

At all CPGT events, each group is allotted 15 minutes to play a hole and 4 hrs 30 mins to complete the round.  If a CPGT official identifies a group as out of position, they will be given a warning and will have two holes to get back into position.  After two holes, if the group is still out of position, the group will be put on the clock. Each player will have 40 seconds to play a stroke. Continued slow play by any member of the group can result in the following:  

  • A 1 stroke penalty will be assessed for the next offense
  • A 2 stroke penalty will be assessed for a 2nd offense
  • A penalty of disqualification will be assessed for the 3rd offense.